My ACT music competition

ACT: Artists Create Together is a MasterPeace global concept that uses art to transform local communities toward inclusive societies. ACT is supported by the Dutch Ministry of foreign affairs, that will take place in 5 different countries; Morocco, Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, and Georgia.


Our concept has 4 building blocks of Musical Concerts, Walls of Connection (street art visualization), Storytelling and Summits, with an inclusive approach of involving marginalized groups as an active part of the project. The four blocks aim to inspire and mobilize youngsters, allowing them to express their frustration and desires in a complex context and give them the necessary tools for a positive transformation, in this matter My ACT music competition, is intended for all solo artists, bands, and singers with music that tackles topics of “peace-building, positivity, freedom of expression and human rights globally, gender equality", offering support and exposure to fresh artists who need to break through into music charts and gain widespread outreach for their message.”

Profile of Participants:

-The competition is open to Moroccans, we encourage talented residents in draa tafilalet region as our main target by the project,

- Over 18 years old,

-Vvideo quality is not fundamental but good voice quality is required,

-Applicants are free to use any language they want,

-Applicants need to submit lyrics along with his or her application,

How to Participate:

- The applicant needs to select a topic with a high-value message and clear lyrics,

Ps: the selection committee, encourages the applicants to create an original masterpiece full of inspiration and clear messages

- Recording: you can record your creation either with your phone, camera or any other tool unless you make sure to ensure clear voice quality and clear topics,

- Submission: after the creation and recording phase, the applicant needs to upload the masterpiece on youtube and make it private, you can learn how from here,

- Submit the lyrics in a word document,

- Fill in this form using confirmed information and read the guidelines in (Ar, En & Fr)

-Compétition timeline:

-Submission deadline: 10th of October 2019

-Reviewing  progress: 12th of October 2019

-Announcement date: 20th of October 2019

-The winner will:

Our jury will select two winners who will:

-Perform in two musical concerts organized by MasterPeace Morocco

-Produce the masterpiece internationally and mentor the applicant in case they want to continue their path.

General Information:

  • When: 2019-11-02
  • Deadline: 2019-10-10
  • Fees: Free
  • Where: MA - Morocco, Zagora
  • By: Masterpeace Morocco
  • Situation: actif

Apply Now:

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