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Addiction (substance abuse) is a barrier to the success of the individual afflicted, and their condition will never improve without some kind of help, volunteering abroad in rehabilitation is a way to provide people with the opportunity for a cure they otherwise would likely never receive, making this type of volunteer program crucially important in the lives of those being treated. Luckily, for those interested in donating their time and efforts, this program is available for volunteering in drug rehabilitation, and it is a result of the cooperation between “Meet the world” and an addiction center founded by “The Mohammed V foundation for solidarity” and “The Toudert association” , it’s a non-profit organization that aims to provide quality, and innovative care to adults struggling with addiction.Volunteers will gain valuable experience not only in rehabilitation work, but also in related fields, like social work and infectious disease control, and forever altering lives in the process. If drug rehabilitation is anywhere on your future career radar, then an international volunteer program in the field is the perfect way to add professional experience to your resume while simultaneously helping people who desperately need it.

Profile of Participants:

- Over 18 years old.- Intermediate or advanced level of English, basic level of French and/or Arabic is a plus.- The volunteer should be Understanding, indulgent and considerate of the cases we’re dealing with. - Providing services: Running and maintaining a facility takes a lot of work. If you have skills that you think will be beneficial to this kind of work like (nursing, mentoring, psychotherapy, psychoanalysis…) you will be welcomed.- We’re also looking for people who can teach their native language, let it be (English, French, Spanish...)- People with experience in programming and informatics.- Artists of all sorts (Actors, singers, musicians, painters…)- And also leadership, business and public speaking coaches are needed.We’re open to any other volunteers that can suggest other ways of offering help, contact us.

How to Participate:

To apply for “Donate Your Talent” program please fill in the following application form:

General Information:

  • When: 0000-00-00
  • Deadline: 0000-00-00
  • Fees: 250
  • Where: MA - Morocco, Agadir
  • By: MasterPeace Morocco
  • Situation: actif

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